Inspired by the great puzzle games that came before it, Reactor HD is a project Touch Studios' Jameson Quave programmed and tested over the course of a few weeks, and then tested over the next several months. Art provided by Josh Hano, with creative input by Neel Sus. They worked together to develop the product for a public release near the end of 2010. The game is stuffed with multiple levels and tiers of difficulty increasing as you progress.


  • *25 brain-busting puzzles

  • *Achievements

  • *Ratings on how well you executed each puzzle

  • *Online scoreboard and achievements tracking with friends

  • *Ability to stop/start your game at any time without losing any progress

  • *A sense that your iPad might just explode

  • Lots more to come!

the game

Reactor HDReactor is a puzzle game in which you are working to disarm a series of bombs.

offbeat iPhone appYou must use careful planning and strategic execution in order to win. Solve puzzles to stop the reactor from exploding. A puzzle too tough? Skip ahead by using a key, but choose wisely as you will only get two!

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