Tracking your time just got easier

Finch is an application that takes the guesswork and frustration out of determining hours worked on your projects and tasks. By monitoring the title bar of the windows open on your Mac OS desktop, Finch can intelligently determine how you’ve spent your time. Tag your tasks with a project or client name, and at the end of the day get a bar chart clearly showing where your time went.

Finch is available on the Mac App store now. Click Here to launch the App Store.

  • New in version 1.1
  • Added grouping and assigning by Application
  • Fixed several bugs and performance issues related to viewing reports
  • Added option to start at login
  • Idle time no longer reported as part of the total time spent in an app
  • Unassigned items no longer show on the report
  • Added option to automatically tag items with identical titles
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks
  • Added ability to delete records by pressing the delete/backspace key
  • Added option to enable/disable the Dock icon
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the currently active window to show as untagged, even if it was being auto-tagged



“After using it for several hours I have to say that the functionality is great. Like Steve Jobs would say; It just works”

“Finally I can show my wife where she wastes her time”

“The design of your app is very simple and therefore great…”


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